Jiri Rohn


Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences,

Pod vodarenskou vezi 2, 182 07 Prague, Czech Republic

rohn <at> cs <dot> cas <dot> cz


List of publications

VERSOFT  (MIT License)



Linear Optimization Problems with Inexact Data 

Задачи линейной оптимизации c неточными данными

Linearni algebra a optimalizace

Computational Complexity and Feasibility of Data Processing and Interval Computations

Symbolic Algebraic Methods and Verification Methods

Cviceni z matematiky pro 1. rocnik chemie a biologie



A Handbook of Results on Interval Linear Problems

A Manual of Results on Interval Linear Problems  (unfinished book)

Linearni algebra a optimalizace na slidech

Linearni a nelinearni programovani

Linearni programovani  (31 str.)

Calculus Digest  (26 p.)


Other MATLAB files:

Absolute value equation

Absolute value equation, all solutions

Regularity/singularity of an interval matrix



Prehled pedagogicke cinnosti / Courses taught 1970-2010



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